Currently the interactive site is no longer live, but it does exist on YouTube.

‘Rearranging the Mainstream’ was inspired by attempting venture away from the traditional format of trend forecasting and trend books. Now that trend forecasting has moved into the digital space, why shouldn’t it be as interactive (if not more) than a physical trend book.

This project was completed for the Trend Forecasting course at Marist College. I was prompted to make a trend book in either digital or physical format based on a cultural, fashion, or other trend. 

‘Mainstream’ is more than a book. It’s an interactive digital space accessiible on all devices via a simple URL. It allows for less limitations than a traditional presentation or book. Objects are clickable and draggable and redirect to videos and articles.

I’d say it’s akin to a concept store - a completely immersive experience. It goes beyond just selling the trend to an audience; it allows the audience to be apart of the trend’s own digital culture.

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